Current novelties for analytical laboratories including instrumentation, software and quality control

WITec GmbH
ParticleScout - Determine physical and chemical properties with confocal Raman microscopy
WITec GmbH, pioneer of Raman imaging and correlative microscopy, has introduced ParticleScout, a revolutionary particle analysis tool for the alpha300 Raman microscope series. It enables researcher...

LabCognition, Analytical Software GmbH & Co. KG
IR Spectra Interpretation Tools for Laboratory and Routine Analysis
IR spectrum interpretation is a time consuming task for the analyst in his every day work. With LabCognition's irAnalyze the work load can be easily reduced. With irAnalyze the analyst produces rel...

Really sharp, but yet gentle: These Cutting Mills adapt to your samples
Ideal for size-reduction of different materials due to variable adjustment of the rotational speed of the rotor to the sample materials, with wear-free labyrinth seal and unmatched ease of cleaning...

Fast analysis of particle shape and size of suspensions and powders
Ideal for dry and wet measurement of dry, free-flowing powders, bulk solids, suspensions and emulsions in a measuring range of 20 µm - 20 mm....

Eppendorf AG
Eppendorf Conical Tubes 25 mL - the innovative tube format
The new conical tube format of 25 mL, developed by the inventor of the "Eppi" tube, will advance the world of conical tubes.Working with sample volumes between 15 mL and 25 mL - often used in bacte...

Latest news from analytical laboratory, environment, chemistry, life sciences and quality control

  • Coordination Chemistry and Alzheimer's Disease
    It has become evident recently that the interactions between copper and amyloid-β neurotoxically impact the brain of patients with Alzheimer's disease. KAIST researchers have reported a new strateg...
  • Activating palladium catalysis by light
    In the production of compounds, chemists have the fundamental goal of finding strategies that are most selective and avoid waste products. Breakthroughs in this area serve, among other things, to d...
  • Printing complex cellulose-based objects
    Researchers from ETH Zurich and the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) have set a new world record: they 3D printed complex objects with higher cellulose content...
  • High-speed microscope captures fleeting brain signals
    Electrical and chemical signals flash through our brains constantly as we move through the world, but it would take a high-speed camera and a window into the brain to capture their fleeting paths. ...
  • Aerogels made from scrap rubber tyres
    A team of NUS researchers has achieved a major technological breakthrough by converting waste rubber tyres into super-light aerogels that have a wide range of applications. This is the first time t...

Latest jobs for chemists, biologists, engineers, laboratory heads, assistants and technicians

Tentamus Group GmbH
Lean Manager (m/f/d)
Role and objectives: Improve operations efficiency of the laboratories. Streamline the operational processes by using LEAN practices and approaches, and by making good use of IT so as to achieve high efficiency. Support the development, implementation and optimal use of the company's LIMS and

Celerion Switzerland AG
GLP Study Director / Bioanalytical Principal Investigator (m/f/d)
Conduct of bioanalytical studies and bioanalytical method validations. Primary study contact for our clients

You will be the single point of study control and have the full responsibility for the conduct of the study or study phase. You will be the responsible person to issue a study plan,

gloor & lang ag
Biopharma analytical process support
You work in the analysis of biopharmaceuticals. Both the upstream processes and the subsequent downstream purification procedures imply the addition of salts, sugars, amino acids and surfactants. These excipients are also partly included in the formulation to insure better product stability, solubil

Latest laboratory fairs, congresses and seminars

PRAXISforum Lab of the Future
2020/04/29 - 2020/04/30 DECHEMA, Frankfurt am Main [D]

HERZOG Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Sampling
2020/05/05 HERZOG Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, Osnabrück [D]

Deutsche METROHM
Basic training course Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
2020/05/19 - 2020/05/20 Deutsche METROHM, Filderstadt [D]

Die Akademie Fresenius
9th International Conference "Residues of Food Contact Materials in Food"
2020/06/04 - 2020/06/05 Die Akademie Fresenius, Köln [D]

Division Analytische Wissenschaften der SCG

Technical Papers for Analytical Laboratories