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Hirschmann Laborgeräte
pipetus® - The sum of all possibilities in pipetting
pipetus® combines many years of experience, innovative technology and superior-quality materials. Charging and dispensing of the medium is realised at the press of a button. Exact meniscus configur...

Bruker Optics
FTIR Spectrometer for Routine Analysis, Industry and Science: INVENIO
Infrared spectroscopy has become an essential tool for most analytical and research applications. Until now, industrial and scientific users were often forced to compromise on instrumentation in re...

LabCognition, Analytical Software
RAMalyze! Less paper - more knowledge. Electronic dictionary for RAMAN functional group identification
Interpret your RAMAN spectra and get professional results with just a few clicks. Retrieve reliable functional group assignments and browse more than 400 tabulated functional groups in the built-in...

New Generation alpha300 apyron - Automated Raman Imaging Microscope with AutoBeam™ Technology
WITec GmbH, pioneer of Raman imaging and correlative microscopy, establishes the next level of automation and user-friendliness with the introduction of the new alpha300 apyron. Its AutoBeam techno...

Bruker Optics
FT-IR spectroscopy anytime, anywhere: ALPHA II
Plug-in and get started. That's how you can summarize the ALPHA II FTIR spectrometer. Highest build-quality, ease-of-use and performance in a compact package that works completely without additiona...

Latest news from analytical laboratory, environment, chemistry, life sciences and quality control

Latest jobs for chemists, biologists, engineers, laboratory heads, assistants and technicians

Tentamus Group GmbH
Lean Manager (m/f/d)
Tentamus Group GmbH, 13088 Berlin [D] - 11/11/2022

Latest laboratory fairs, congresses and seminars

15th IUPAC International Congress of Crop Protection Chemistry
01/10/2023 - 01/13/2023 conference (New-Dehli [IND])

Springer Campus
LC-MS coupling and its applications
01/18/2023 - 02/01/2023 Springer Campus, seminar (online)

Springer Campus
Post Graduate Award in Pharmacovigilance
03/07/2023 - 06/07/2023 Springer Campus, course (online)

Springer Campus
Post Graduate Award in Regulatory Affairs
03/07/2023 - 06/07/2023 Springer Campus, course (online)

Springer Campus
HILIC, SFC and other polar separation techniques
04/19/2023 - 05/03/2023 Springer Campus, seminar (online)

Technical Papers for Analytical Laboratories

  • Conference Review: 18th Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium
    Europe's preeminent Raman event returned to its intended form. For 2022, the Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium once again brought the molecular imaging community together in person. WITec welcomed researchers from around the world for three days of presentations, discussions, poster sessions and e...
  • Monitoring volumetric instruments with calibration software
    The precise delivery of liquid volumes is essential in many processes in the laboratory in order to obtain good and reliable quality results. The areas of application are manifold, for example industrial filling processes (does my customer receive the contractually agreed quantity of the substanc...
  • Production of recombinant human Phosphoserine Phosphatase
    The production of recombinant proteins by genetically modified organisms is a fundamental biotechnology technique. The goal is to generate a high yield of functional protein which requires largescale cell culture with good cell growth and excellent protein expression. Therefore, a robust shaker i...