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Current novelties for analytical laboratories including instrumentation, software and quality control

Eppendorf SE
Reproducible, Reliable Thawing of Cells: Eppendorf SmartBlock™ cryo thaw
Eppendorf offers now a further building block in supporting scientists with tailored solutions for the daily lab routine: Controlled and reliable cell thawing is mandatory for further downstream ex...

Hirschmann Laborgeräte GmbH & Co. KG
pipetus® - The sum of all possibilities in pipetting
pipetus® combines many years of experience, innovative technology and superior-quality materials. Charging and dispensing of the medium is realised at the press of a button. Exact meniscus configur...

Eppendorf SE
epMotion® 5073t NGS solution - The solution in cases of small sample numbers and limited space
Until now, the automated construction of Next Generation Sequencing libraries has only been economical for preparations of at least 96 samples, as entire plates are processed using multichannel dis...

LabCognition, Analytical Software GmbH & Co. KG
RAMalyze! Less paper - more knowledge. Electronic dictionary for RAMAN functional group identification
Interpret your RAMAN spectra and get professional results with just a few clicks. Retrieve reliable functional group assignments and browse more than 400 tabulated functional groups in the built-in...

LabCognition, Analytical Software GmbH & Co. KG
Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy Apps
New on target material identification apps based on Infrared and Raman spectra databases! Quickly analyze polymers and plastics, pharmaceuticals, environmental, forensic and other materials. You on...

Latest news from analytical laboratory, environment, chemistry, life sciences and quality control

  • X-ray beam explores food color protein
    In food products, the natural blues tend to be moody. A fun food colorant with a scientific name - phycocyanin - provides a vivid blue pigment that food companies crave, but it can be unstable when...
  • Corals remove microplastics from ocean waters
    Increasing numbers of tiny particles of plastic, known as microplastics, can be found in the world's oceans. Where these waste particles from car tires, diapers, decaying plastic bags and other eve...

Latest jobs for chemists, biologists, engineers, laboratory heads, assistants and technicians

Tentamus Group GmbH
Lean Manager (m/f/d)
Tentamus Group GmbH, 13088 Berlin [D] - 12/05/2021

Latest laboratory fairs, congresses and seminars

TA Instruments
Heat Flow Management For Batteries During Operation Using Isothermal Microcalorimetry
12/09/2021 TA Instruments, seminar (online) - free attendance

32. Doktorandenseminar des AK Separation Science
01/09/2022 - 01/11/2022 seminar (Hohenroda [D])

Automated Protein Digestion and MS Sample Preparation
01/26/2022 CEM, seminar (online) - free attendance

Accelerated In Situ Hybridization and Immunohistochemistry Techniques
01/27/2022 CEM, seminar (online) - free attendance

Swiss Chemical Society

Technical Papers for Analytical Laboratories

  • Conference Review: 17th Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium
    This year's Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium, held online, achieved a new level of engagement with a record number of participants from around the world. Over 500 registrants signed up to view and discuss a field of 55 posters grouped under the topics: Advanced Materials Analysis; Environmental a...