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Comparison of the Cytotoxicity and Leaching Effects between different pipette tips

Jana Schmidt, Eppendorf SE

Estelle Deboever, Eppendorf Application Technologies S.A.

Jean-Francois Hoet, Eppendorf Core Test Lab


A pipette and a pipette tip comprise a system which ensures precise results in any laboratory procedure involving liquid handling steps. Whereas the pipette can be used for years, the plastic tip belongs to the single-use consumables which contribute to laboratory waste, and which must be taken into consideration with respect to the quest for more sustainability and reduced reliance on fossil raw materials.

This study compares epT.I.P.S. BioBased and epT.I.P.S. Standard in the Biopur® purity with respect to the parameters cytotoxicity and leaching in order to examine whether the new source of raw material exhibits comparable properties to those of the standard material. Competitors' tips were also tested for the parameter leaching.

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