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PSS Polymer Standards Service
Principles of Interaction Chromatography of Polymers
2019/06/26 PSS Polymer Standards Service, Mainz [D]

PSS Polymer Standards Service

Microinjection in Zebrafish and Medaka: From Transgenesis to CRISPR
2019/07/02 - 2019/07/04 Eppendorf, Heidelberg [D]

Gläsernes Labor Akademie
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) - Basic Course Biotechnology
2019/08/15 - 2019/08/23 Gläsernes Labor Akademie, Berlin-Buch [D]

LAB-SUPPLY 2019 Dresden
2019/08/28 LAB-SUPPLY.info, Dresden [D]

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  • Engineered microbial production of grape flavoring
    Researchers report a microbial method for producing an artificial grape flavor. Methyl anthranilate (MANT) is a common grape flavoring and odorant compound currently produced through a petroleum-based...