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Division Analytische Wissenschaften der SCG
Analytical Quality by Design ICH Q14 - a new ICH Quality Guideline
2019/10/22 Division Analytische Wissenschaften der SCG, Olten [CH]

Cell culture - theory and practice
2019/10/24 - 2019/10/25 Eppendorf, Namur [B]

LAB-SUPPLY 2019 Hamburg
2019/10/29 LAB-SUPPLY.info, Hamburg [D]

Microinjection into adherent cells - theory and practical exercises
2019/10/29 - 2019/10/30 Eppendorf, Heidelberg [D]

Gläsernes Labor Akademie
Digitale Life Sciences
2019/10/30 - 2019/11/01 Gläsernes Labor Akademie, Berlin-Buch [D]

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  • Discovery of periodic tables for molecules
    Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) develop tables similar to the periodic table of elements but for molecules. Their approach could be used for predicting novel stable substances...