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Technical papers, application notes and case studies from laboratory, chemistry, life science and quality control

WITec GmbH
Conference Review: 16th Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium
WITec GmbH
The international chemical imaging community gathered once again in Ulm, Germany to share and discuss results, methods and technologies related to Raman microscopy. Almost one hundred attendees heard presentations arranged into distinct sessions under the headings: Nanotechnology and Low-dimensio...

Eppendorf AG
Is that really DNA in your tube? Comparative analysis of UV-absorbing leachables in micro test tubes
Rafal Grzeskowiak, Diana Hübler, Eppendorf AG
Bioactive contaminants leaching out of laboratory consumables (leachables) may significantly affect experiments and may pose a likely source of error in many assay systems. Recent scientific evidence provides numerous examples of biological assays, which have been shown to be affected by leachabl...

Lonza Ltd.
Characterization of a versatile emulsifier for low-viscous formulations and liposomal structures
Victor Low, Lonza Ltd.
Holger Seidel, Azelis Deutschland Kosmetik GmbH
Thomas Willers, Krüss GmbH

Within the scope of a published study in collaboration with Lonza Ltd. (Basel, Switzerland) and Azelis (Azelis Deutschland Kosmetik GmbH, Moers, Germany), the surfactant polyglyceryl-10 monooleate was tested for its suitability as a skin-compatible emulsifier for low-viscosity sprays and lotions ...

Shimadzu Europa GmbH
Water analysis of humic acid with fluorescence spectroscopy
Marion Engelkraut-Holtus, Shimadzu Europa GmbH
Water is the basis of all life, all of nature and its habitats. When processed into food as drinking water, it's a substance that is strictly tested. However, water also has an important task in chemistry since it is a good solvent and absorbs many substances. The most common way of water to e...

Deutsche Metrohm GmbH & Co. KG
From a safe distance - raman spectrometer for defense and security applications
Deutsche Metrohm GmbH & Co. KG
The police discover a secret laboratory. Now they need to work out what substances are involved: Is it a drug laboratory? Or are explosives perhaps being made here? Contact with an unknown substance could be fatal in such cases. The officers present therefore need to identify the substances th...

Eppendorf AG
Reduced PCR runtimes and increased yields
Kerstin Isermann, Arora Phang, Eppendorf AG
PCR is one of the most popular methods in laboratories across the world and is routinely used in research, reference and clinical fields for various applications. Over the years, PCR technology has evolved with the needs of scientists; including developments like real-time PCR and digital PCR. ...

Shimadzu Europa GmbH
Customized solutions for cannabis testing - Analytical solutions meeting latest regulations
Dr. Gesa Shad, Shimadzu Europa GmbH
As of July 2018, over 20 European countries have legalized cannabis for medical use, and more are expected to follow in the coming years. Possession of cannabis is still illegal by federal statute; however there is an ongoing debate concerning legalization of medical and recreational cannabis. Th...

Deutsche Metrohm GmbH & Co. KG
Iron and steel slag in road building: Routine determination of the total fluorine content
Deutsche Metrohm GmbH & Co. KG
Using iron and steel slag in road building can cause the fluorine compounds contained in the slag to enter the environment. Dominik Hahn, currently a PhD student in the Technical Chemistry department at the University of Koblenz- Landau, developed a method for the determination of fluorine conten...

Wasser 3.0
Determination of particles produced during boiling in differenz plastic and glas kettles via comparative dynamic image analysis using FlowCam®
Michael Toni Sturm, Katrin Schuhen, Wasser 3.0
Sven Kluczka, Anasysta e.K.

In many everyday products containing plastics, tiny plastic particles are generated by mechanical, thermal or other influences and are released into the environment by various transport routes. These particles not only have a long lifecycle, but can also only be degraded very slowly in the ecosys...

Contraline Inc.
Ellman's assay for in-solution quantification of sulfhydryl groups
Rucha Bhat, Gregory Grover, Contraline Inc.
Ellman introduced 5,5'-dithio-bis-(2-nitrobenzoic acid), also known as DTNB, as a compound used for quantitating free sulfhydryl groups in solution. A solution of this compound produces a yellow-colored product when it reacts with sulfhydryl groups. This yellow-colored product can be measured usi...