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Krüss GmbH
Wetting and roughness - What to do if Wenzel does not work? How contact angle measurements and confocal microscopy can provide an empirical solution
Patrick Swolana et al., Krüss GmbH
Dr. Christoph Weigel et al., 5microns GmbH

The fact that the roughness of a surface can influence its wetting behavior is well known and described by Wenzel in his theory with a simple equation. But how well can this theory be transferred to industrial practice? We did the test and microstructured silicon wafers very precisely by reactive...

NETZSCH Gerätebau GmbH
Assessment of the Feasibility of 2- and 3-Layer Measurements by Means of LFA
Fabia Beckstein, NETZSCH Gerätebau GmbH
Determination of the thermal conductivity of multi-layer samples is a challenge not only for the measuring technology, but also for the operator. The Proteus® LFA soft- ware offers the possibility of measuring 2- and 3-layer samples. The analysis is carried out according to Hartmann [1] up to Pro...

Eppendorf SE
Comparison of the Cytotoxicity and Leaching Effects between different pipette tips
Jana Schmidt, Eppendorf SE
Estelle Deboever, Eppendorf Application Technologies S.A.
Jean-Francois Hoet, Eppendorf Core Test Lab

A pipette and a pipette tip comprise a system which ensures precise results in any laboratory procedure involving liquid handling steps. Whereas the pipette can be used for years, the plastic tip belongs to the single-use consumables which contribute to laboratory waste, and which must be taken i...