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multi X 2500 - The Allrounder for AOX Analysis


Analytik Jena multi X 2500Vertical or horizontal? Until now, you had to ask yourself this question. Now you can do both - in one instrument! The innovative double furnace technology with tilting furnace combines the advantages of both versions into one analysis system. A design that sets standards.

Straightforward operation, rapid operational readiness and a minimum amount of maintenance are only a few of the many advantages the multi X 2500 has to offer. The intelligent software multiWin, the fast changeover between column and batch method, and the user-friendly design ensure outstanding ease of use and efficiency.

Sophisticated automatic sampling systems allow both fully and partially automated AOX determination in connection with diverse combinations of sample preparation.

With the multi X 2500, get to know perfectly harmonized concepts of sample preparation and analysis! The system greatly minimizes idle time and increases the throughput of AOX samples - you remain flexible and cost-effective.

A globally unparalleled two-channel system for sample preparation according to the column method not only doubles the speed of sample preparation but also the throughput of AOX samples in your laboratory. Comfortably and without any manual intervention the system can be used for the sample preparation according to the SPE procedure as well.

The fully automated autoX samplers ensure an unmatched sample throughput in vertical and horizontal operation mode. They are available in a variety of versions. Therewith you can optimally adjust the multi X 2500 to match the requirements of your laboratory operation. Whether sample rack for small AOX sample series in vertical mode or multi-matrix variants for vertical and horizontal sample feed in larger AOX sample series, using the column or batch method, or in EOX samples - the autoX series offers the right sampler for any task.

The multi X 2500 is flexible, reliable, easy to operate, and capable of much more than just AOX/EOX/POX analysis. The TOC parameter, important for water analysis, also belongs to its application spectrum just as the determination of TX/TOX concentrations for difficult matrices.

In this way, the multi X 2500 is a multi-talent that can be employed in many areas.

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