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SPECORD PLUS - A New Generation of UV/Vis Double Beam Spectrophotometers


The spectrophotometer series SPECORD looks back on a successful history of 50 years. With the latest generation of the rich in tradition instrument family, the SPECORD PLUS series, Analytik Jena sets high standards in UV/Vis spectroscopy. Routine analysis or special applications in chemistry, pharmacy, medicine, food control, environment, life science and many other areas - with SPECORD PLUS you are well prepared for all requirements.

The SPECORD PLUS offers highest precision and total reliability of measurement results. An unmatched range of accessories guarantees flexibility and efficiency for all routine- or special applications. The generously sized sample chamber and easily accessible durable radiation sources are a novelty in respect of functionality and instrument design. Thanks to the intelligent design of SPECORD PLUS a refreshing breeze will enter your daily laboratory routine. But, above all it offers fast operational readiness, high effectiveness and easy handling.


  • Real double-beam mode for highest precision - measurement of sample- and reference signal at exact the same moment
  • Innovative CDD technology - two temperature controlled detectors for outstanding long-term stability
  • Monochromator with imaging holographic grating for stray light reduction
  • Internal holmium oxide filter for automatic wavelength calibration and for optimized wavelength accuracy and reproducibility
  • Variable spectral resolution includes the smallest details of the spectrum
  • Second cell position directly in front of the detector area for measuring turbid samples
  • Absolutely user-oriented, e.g. intuitive software navigation, comprehensive method collection, automatic accessory recognition, multilingual software, Self Check System (SCS) for the trouble-free operation of the analysis system
  • Analysis made easy and perfect measurement results due to the comprehensive basic software and numerous specific tools for individual applications
  • Validation software for quality assurance of the analysis which is strictly based on regulations as Ph.Eur, USP, TGA, ASTM


  • SPECORD 50 PLUS with split-beam technology - ideal for qualitative and quantitative routine photometric applications
  • SPECORD 200 PLUS with fixed spectral bandwidth - perfectly suited for time-resolved measurements of sample and reference
  • SPECORD 210 PLUS with 5 variable spectral bandwidths - ideal for measuring solutions and solids with highest demands concerning the optical resolution
  • SPECORD 250 PLUS with 5 variable spectral bandwidths and double monochromator for samples with particularly high absorptions and higher stray light quotient

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