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mercur - Fully Automatic Hg Ultra Trace Analysis


Analytik Jena mercurAFS or AAS

mercurAFS or AAS - various configurations for the whole range of mercury analysis:

The mercur is available in either AFS or AAS configuration, and for maximum flexibility as a combined AFS and AAS configuration with software-controlled change of the detection technique. Automatic switching between AFS and AAS (mercur DUO) and simple or cascade enrichment (mercur plus, mercur DUO plus) - you have the choice.

  • mercur AA und mercur AA plus - mercury analyzer based on atomic absorption without or with enrichment
  • mercur and mercur plus - mercury analyzer based on atomic fluorescence without or with enrichment
  • mercur DUO und mercur DUO plus - tandem mercury analyzer based on atomic fluorescence and atomic absorption without or with enrichment

Added advantages:

  • Cold vapor technique: The mercur combines highly sensitive detection technology with the cold vapor technique, so it is possible to use the advantages of both techniques.
  • WinAAS - software for comprehensive data processing and quality control: The software's automatic and versatile quality control system monitors all analytical data, providing optimum routine operation and research.
  • Compliance with today's most stringent statutory regulations
  • The instruments are designed to meet all requirements for mercury determination according to: EPA 1631, EPA 245.1, EPA 245.2 EPA 245.7, EN 1483, EN 12338, EN 13806, EN 13506
  • Highly automated: In combination with an autosampler for maximum sample throughput and easy to operate, mercur meets all expected requirements from a modern routine analysis system.
  • Fast: Thanks to time-controlled flow injection with or without autosampler plus the unique FBR routine (Fast Baseline Return)
  • Safe: Through the use of a bubble sensor, a specially optimized drying membrane and cascade enrichment.
  • Efficient: Due to automated, intelligent gas-liquid control, mercur ensures minimum reagent consumption and short measurement times.

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