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High-Resolution Array ICP OES - high-performance elemental analysis


Spectral resolution exceeds conventional ICP OES by up to a factor of 4

PlasmaQuant 9100
PlasmaQuant 9100
PlasmaQuant 9100 is an ICP OES spectrometer with high-resolution array technology for the elemental analysis of demanding samples.

Building on technological advances, a smart bench-top design, user-oriented software routines and a well-proven spectrometer design, PlasmaQuant 9100 is taking the lead. It fulfills all analysis requirements from routine to highly specialized applications due to its simplicity, applicability, and accuracy.

PlasmaQuant 9100 makes previously hidden analyte lines detectable. Its spectral resolution exceeds that of conventional ICP OES instruments by up to a factor of four. Best optical precision and highest matrix tolerance are constantly achieved. Its innovative plasma observation will extend both your linear working range and detection limits. By reducing sample pretreatment to a minimum, it offers you maximum reproducibility.

PlasmaQuant 9100 Detail
PlasmaQuant 9100 with autosampler -
the autosampler allows the effective
routine analysis.
Your advantages at a glance

  • High-Resolution Optics: Unique resolving power for unconditional confidence in results
  • V Shuttle Torch: Intelligent torch design for comfortable high-end functionality
  • Dual View PLUS: Flexible plasma views for most comprehensive applicability
  • High-Frequency Generator: Absolute plasma power for compelling long-term performance
  • PlasmaQuant 9100 combines high-resolution spectrometer technology with a compact design


PlasmaQuant 9100 masters the most difficult analytical challenges in atomic spectroscopy with superiority in terms of convenience, flexibility, and precision.

PlasmaQuant 9100 Vertical Torch
Vertical Torch with
Dual View PLUS plasma views.
It delivers rigid plasma even under most extreme matrix loads and so meets the high demands of heavy-duty industries facing matrix-rich samples like saline, metallic or petrochemical materials.

Thanks to its superior sensitivity and unique resolving power, PlasmaQuant 9100 permits trace analysis down to the lowest ppb range. Its detection limits that reach parts per trillion are an innovation in ICP OES.

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