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Real Macro Elemental Analysis: C, S and Cl Solid Analysis with multi EA 4000


The multi EA 4000 offers true macro elemental analysis! Precise - Reliable - Easy to Operate. The parameters TS, TC, TX, TOC, TIC, EC, and BOC are determined quickly and easily in organic and inorganic solids. The multi EA 4000 analyzes solids in the twinkling of an eye, e. g., soil samples, sediments, construction materials, combustibles, ashes, polymers, waste, catalysts, minerals, and fertilizers.

Waste analysis is one of the specialties of the multi EA 4000. Its unique combination of analyzable elements and parameters makes it simply unbeatable for applications in this field!

The modular design of the device also makes it possible to expand the application options from a one-element analyzer to a fully automated multi-element analyzer.

Analytik Jena multi EA 4000Highlights of the new multi EA 4000 macro elemental analyzer:

  • HTC technology for high temperature decomposition of even the most difficult matrices
  • Catalyst-free ceramic combustion tubes for robustness,less wear, and lower operating costs
  • Long-life heating elements ensure max. operating time
  • Use of highly resistant materials - especially well-suited to analyze aggressive samples
  • Simultaneous C and S analysis, also with extreme different element contents
  • Fully automated determination of TOC and TIC from a single sample in only one analysis step
  • Easy chlorine determination up to the weight percent range
  • Unique combination of elements: C, S, and Cl - especially interesting for waste analyses
  • Optional flame sensor technology for matrix-optimized sample decomposition during chlorine analysis
  • Self Check System (SCS) for optimal operating safety
  • Intuitive software navigation for foolproof operation and perfect measurement results
  • Easy to use - preset standard methods for various applications greatly simplify work and save valuable measuring time

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