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Spring 2009 edition of CBS 102, CAMAG Bibliography Service for TLC available


The new edition of CAMAG Bibliography Service CBS 102 with 166 abstracts of recent publications, demonstrating the flexibility of Thin-Layer Chromatography/HPTLC is available for free. A hardcopy can be ordered online, articles and abstracts downloaded from the website.

CBS 102 puts emphasis on TLC/HPTLC as indispensable method not only for screening of natural products. The new TLC-MS is featured, a versatile instrument to extract compounds from a TLC/HPTLC plate and feed into a mass spectrometer for substance identification or structure elucidation.

The updated database Cumulative CBS 100 (complete collection of all past abstracts) is available for free from CAMAG's website. Currently the compilation includes nearly 10'000 abstracts of publications on TLC and HPTLC.

CAMAG is the leading solution provider for instrumental Thin-Layer Chromatography / HPTLC. CAMAG products cover all steps. Lab services include feasibility studies, development and validation of methods, contract analysis and training.

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Source: CAMAG