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CAMAG and Advion form Exclusive Alliance to Commercialize Unique TLC/CMS Assay System for Synthetic Organic and Peptide Chemists


Advion, Inc., a leading life sciences Systems and Consumables developer, announced that an exclusive OEM and distribution partnership agreement has been signed with CAMAG of Basel, Switzerland for its TLC-MS Interface product. Based upon excellent results obtained by joint Advion and CAMAG customers, as well as leading researchers, the two companies have partnered to commercialize a combined system to Advion's Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Peptide Synthesis global market segments. The terms of the agreement allow Advion exclusive marketing and support rights in key geographic markets including North America and parts of Europe.

"TLC plates are part of every chemist's discovery process, and we recognize the workflow advantage of a bundled TLC/CMS solution for chemists. TLC is used in reaction monitoring, flash method development (Rf values), solvent selection, flash fraction confirmation, and impurity profiling. The combination of the CAMAG TLC-MS Interface with the Advion expression CMS is a perfect integration of best-in-class chemist assay tools", according to David B. Patteson, Advion's CEO. "Moreover, the expression Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) continues its tremendous commercial growth - achieving 10% of the global single quadrupole liquid chromatography market within nine months of production launch. We could not be happier with the market adoption rate and the natural partnerships which have emerged for us, CAMAG, as the leading TLC-equipment provider worldwide, being the latest ideal example."

Pioneer in utilizing CAMAG's TLC-MS Interface and Advion's expression CMS to prove the simplicity and the benefit of both systems is Prof. Dr. Gerda Morlock, a leading scientist at the University of Giessen, Germany. She will be the featured presenter at a live Advion-sponsored webinar hosted by the Royal Chemistry Society (RSC) on March 20, 2013 - available worldwide at 3 pm Central European Time. Further, Advion plans to launch the combined system at the Pittsburgh Conference in Philadelphia, March 18-21, and at the Spring National ACS meeting in New Orleans, LA April 7-9. CAMAG will be present at both meetings to support customers on all aspects of thin-layer chromatography.

According to Dr. Konstantinos Natsias, CEO of CAMAG, "Advion is the ideal partner to use CAMAG's TLC-MS Interface as an integrated analytical solution for their customers. This collaboration opens up a broader market reach for CAMAG's other high-end instruments. As an internationally renowned traditional Swiss instrument manufacturer, we are proud to collaborate with such an innovative US partner to reach new markets."

The combined systems are available immediately for quotation and delivery by Advion.

Source: CAMAG