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Direct Determination of Trace Elements in Body Fluids Using ICP-Mass Spectrometry

Dr. René Chemnitzer , Analytik Jena GmbH


The better understanding of the relevance of various elements in metabolic and other processes in organisms leads to increased interest in the analysis of biological samples like body fluids. Here, the focus is on supply of essential elements and detection of toxic elements. Fast and more sensitive analytical techniques are necessary to satisfy these demands.

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry offers low detection limits, multi-element capabilities, simplified sample preparation and low sample consumption. It is very useful for the determination of trace and ultra-trace elements in various biological samples.

Analysis of various matrices

The analysis of biological samples allows a variety of conclusions about the current status of an organism.

Different matrices can be investigated. The individual properties of the body fluids are related to specific functions in the organism. Therefore the selection of the right matrix is crucial to get the correct answer for a specific question. Blood is a transport medium. The trace element concentration depends on short term uptake. Since an insufficient mineral uptake is balanced with body's own reserves e.g. serum cannot indicate mineral deficiencies.

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