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PerkinElmer Introduces Two New Microarrays For Apoptosis And Neurobiology Applications


PerkinElmer Life Sciences, a leading provider of technology solutions and services for drug discovery, life science research and genetic disease screening, today expanded its line of glass-based microarrays with the announcement of two new microarrays -- one for apoptosis (programmed cell death) and one for neurobiology applications. These microarrays, glass slides that have smaller genes sets immobilized on them, are designed to enable researchers to conduct more focused scientific research, more cost-effectively.

The Human Apoptosis (MPS606) and Human Neurobiology (MPS607) microarrays are additions to the MICROMAX Microarray product family. The apoptosis microarray contains 333 genes plus 27 control genes, and the neurobiology microarray contains 402 neurobiology genes plus 32 control genes, each represented in duplicate, allowing ultimate, accurate and precise gene profiling. In addition, each array has replicate spots of non-human control genes, and a few blank spots increasing experimental reliability. Each kit contains two microarrays and a technical data sheet.

These new microarrays complement PerkinElmer Life Sciences' current MICROMAX human focused-array line, which includes arrays containing kinases and phosphatases, transcription factors, oncogenes & tumor suppressor genes, ion channels, transporter and receptor genes, as well as the human 2,400 gene replicate-spotted screening microarray introduced in 2001.

"PerkinElmer offers the broadest and most comprehensive line of glass cDNA microarrays to the gene expression research community," said Frank Witney, president, Drug Discovery, PerkinElmer Life Sciences. "We are committed to providing our customers with economical, robust and reproducible glass microarrays with proven and 100 percent sequence-verified gene content for accurate and precise gene profiling. With these new gene sets, researchers are now able to conduct more focused scientific research at a significantly reduced cost."

The apoptosis and neurobiology microarrays are currently available, combined with either the MICROMAX Direct Labeling Kit (MPS502) or the MICROMAX TSA Labeling and Detection Kit (MPS522) for cDNA synthesis. Also available for these new glass-based microarrays is the MICROMAX Slide Scanning Service for scanning, data analysis and information delivery using GeNet?, PerkinElmer's Web-based system. GeNet is a licensed product from Silicon Genetics.

Quelle: PerkinElmer Instruments