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Dionex and IESE Collaborate on Biodiesel Methods


Dionex Corporation has entered a collaborative agreement with the Institute for Environmental Science and Engineering (IESE) to analyze jatropha oil in the development of biodiesel. A major goal of the collaboration is the development of regulatory methods for quality assurance in biodiesel production in Asia, where oil from the seeds of Jatropha curcas are receiving increasingly wide attention as a source of biofuel. Under the agreement, several Dionex methods will be explored, including the use of Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE®) systems for the determination of oil content in jatropha; LC-MS/MS to identify toxins in jatropha oil; and the determination of total phosphorous measurement in jatropha oil using ion chromatography.

ASE is useful in the determination of free fatty acids in jatropha oil as an important step in the development of biodiesel. Ensuring the quality of biodiesel requires characterization of toxins in jatropha oil. Therefore, after ASE is used to extract the toxins, the extract will be analyzed using state-of-the-art LC-MS/MS methods featuring UltiMate® 3000 Intelligent LC systems. Dionex IC instruments will be used in another important focus of the collaboration-the measurement of total organic bound phosphorous in jatropha oil. This phosphorous is typically present at high concentration in pure plant oil.

IESE and Dionex Singapore Pte. Ltd held an official signing ceremony to announce the collaboration, featuring Shawn Heberling, Director, Asia/Pacific Sales and Service, and Professor Tay Joo Hwa, IESE Chief Executive Officer and Director. IESE operates as a subsidiary of Nanyang Technological University, in Singapore.

Source: Dionex Corp.