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Dionex Application Improves Determination of Iodide and Iodate in Seawater and Other Saline Matrices


Dionex announces a sensitive, specific, and rapid method for determination of iodide and iodate in seawater and other saline matrices. Application Note 236: Determination of Iodide and Iodate in Seawater and Iodized Table Salt by HPLC with UV Detection describes a method that uses the Acclaim® Mixed-Mode WAX-1 column to separate iodine and iodate in seawater, synthetic sea salt, and table salt. The WAX-1 column has the high capacity necessary for the determination of iodide in saline matrices, which minimizes the need for sample pretreatment or dilution. Retention time and resolution can be tuned by changing ionic strength, pH, and organic solvent content of the mobile phase.

Iodine is an essential element naturally present in seawater and seafood. Dietary iodine deficiency affects thyroid function and leads to developmental diseases, neurological damage, goiter, and paralysis. Potassium iodide and potassium iodate are safe sources of dietary iodine used to iodize salt and prevent iodine deficiencies. This new method is ideal for salt producers that need to monitor their products' quality, and for ocean researchers.

Source: Dionex Corp.