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Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH
Material testing and infrared spectroscopic identification of plastics in recycling
Marion Egelkraut-Holtus, Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH
Albert van Oyen, Carat GmbH

Plastic recycling is becoming ever more important - especially considering that mineral oil as a source of polymer raw material will not be available in this volume in the long run. The resources of the Earth and its atmosphere are finite. Among other things, "fresh" polymer is produced from natu...

Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH
Analytical methods for plastic packaging of foods
Uwe Oppermann, Marion Engelkraut-Holthus, Jan Knoop, Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH
The influence of cups, plastic bottles and film packaging on human health and the environment is a challenge. Supermarket shelves are full of products that are, in part, packaged in highly complex plastics. These types of packaging materials are lightweight and also highly stable, and protect ...

Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH
Analysis of unstable compounds using online SFE-SFC
Dr. Isabelle Möller, Shimadzu Deutschland GmbH
Free radicals are short-lived molecular fragments of oxygen and are suspected of being responsible for aging processes but also for damage to cells or enzymes. Cells, however, have their own defense mechanisms to counter free radicals. Such antioxidants, like ascorbic acid or coenzyme Q10, react ...