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New OMIX™ Pipette Tips for Proteomics Research


Varian, Inc. (Nasdaq: VARI) today unveiled a cutting-edge, patent-pending technology designed specifically for proteomics research. The OMIX™ Pipette Tips for Micro-Extractions feature a monolithic sorbent technology, achieving up to a 3-fold improvement in RSD's (relative standard deviations) and isolating up to 38% more peptide for more accurate and reproducible mass analysis than other competitive products.

Scientists focusing on proteomics research must remove salts, or desalt, and concentrate samples prior to analysis with MALDI-TOF (time-of-flight) mass spectrometry or LC/MS/MS (liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry/mass spectroscopy). Proteomics researchers work with limited sample volumes so micro-volume purification devices are critical to improving sensitivity and achieving more reliable and consistent identification and characterization of proteins.

Only Varian, Inc.'s OMIX tips contain a small bed of functionalized monolithic sorbent inserted inside a pipette tip. This miniaturized SPE (solid phase extraction) bed accommodates micro-liter loading and elution volumes required by proteomic scientists with volume limited samples.

"The most prominent advantage of the OMIX tips over other micro C18 tips is a strongly improved flow behavior, which is very important for our viscous samples," said Dr. Josef Wissing, senior scientist, Technical University of Braunschweig, Department of Biochemistry, Germany.

Varian, Inc.'s in-line process assurance techniques, including confirming the chemistry of the sorbent, provides more dependable tip-to-tip performance, alleviating lost samples, and presents a more cost-effective option than other competitive products. Additionally, Varian, Inc.'s proprietary monolithic sorbent technology ensures enhanced flow characteristics, providing faster and more uniform flow, and improved binding capacities for higher recoveries.

"The development of our OMIX tips for the proteomics market delivers on our strategy to focus on consumable products in the high-growth life sciences market by leveraging our manufacturing capabilities and expertise in the separations chemistry area," said Stephen Schultheis, General Manager of Consumable Products, Varian, Inc.

Quelle: Varian Inc.