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  • End-of-line hyphenation of chemical names
    Chemical names and in particular systematic chemical names can be so long that, when a manuscript is printed, they have to be hyphenated/divided at the end of a line. Many systematic names already ...
  • IUPAC Structure Review
    Since 1919, IUPAC has been creating a common language for chemistry through international collaboration. Its visionary endeavors and free exchange of scientific information have laid the foundation...
  • Metrological and quality concepts in analytical chemistry
    Metrology, being the science of measurement and its application, covers the experimental production and the use of quantity values in all disciplines of science and engineering, including chemistry...
  • IUPAC Awards in Analytical Chemistry - Call for nominations
    The Analytical Chemistry Division of IUPAC has established two awards, including: The Emerging Innovator Award in Analytical Chemistry - an award to recognize outstanding work undertaken by an emer...