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Analytik Jena Acquires a Stake in Dutch-based Westburg B.V.


Analytik Jena AG has acquired a 20.0% stake in its Dutch sales partner Westburg B.V. worth EUR 150 thousand. An agreement to this effect was signed by the two companies today. Westburg B.V. is a sales company specializing in molecular diagnostics and primarily serves the markets of the Low Countries and Scandinavia. For over 20 years the company has successfully sold the products of Biometra GmbH that was taken over by Analytik Jena in 2009 and has since then been fully integrated into the sales structures of the Jena-based company.

"We wish to expand further our market shares in the life science sector in Europe and look for targeted growth opportunities in the regions," said Klaus Berka, CEO of Analytik Jena AG. "Acquiring a stake in Westburg will enable us to integrate a team of experienced sales colleagues into the Analytik Jena Group and benefit from the market expertise of our long-standing distribution partner."

Westburg is a company based in the Dutch town of Leusden with over two decades of experience in the sale of molecular diagnostics products. For the current financial year Analytik Jena expects sales with its distribution partner Westburg of around EUR 0.4 million and anticipates further increases in the years to come.

Source: Analytik Jena GmbH