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Analytik Jena Establishes Subsidiary in India


Analytik Jena AG has established its own subsidiary in India, AJ Instruments India Pvt. Ltd., in order to strengthen its presence in the Indian market. The subsidiary is based in New Delhi, from where the Company will serve the customers of its largest business unit, Analytical Instrumentation, in the Indian subcontinent. The official opening of the subsidiary and its new applications laboratory took place today, with customers, business partners, suppliers, and employees in attendance. It will now commence operations under the leadership of Upendra Dixit.

"Our strategy aims to consolidate the global presence that we have built up over the last number of years and expand our associated activities. The primary strategic consideration is to promote organic growth wherever tangible growth potential is recognizable," said Klaus Berka, Chief Executive Officer of Analytik Jena AG. "As a highly populated BRIC country, India is one of the most important markets for our products. The subcontinent is increasingly moving into the hi-tech sector, offering us extensive sales potential. With more than a billion people, India is the world's most populated country after China, and this very population growth is creating new requirements in the areas of food safety, environmental monitoring, and agriculture. This is precisely where our potential lies."

Analytik Jena has operated in India for almost 15 years and has established a strong foundation in installed instruments. The Company started out by working with several sales partners in the Indian market. From 2011 until the end of 2013, Metrohm India Ltd. was the exclusive sales partner for Analytik Jena products. While an own representative office helped to market our products for many years, it was unable to conduct any direct business itself.

"Our representative office in New Delhi has always been an important pillar for our business. By establishing our own subsidiary, we will be in direct contact with our customers in the future. We are therefore delighted to have Upendra Dixit on board as a long-standing international manager with a wealth of experience in analytical measuring technology," said Torsten Olschewski, General Manager of the Analytical Instrumentation business unit at Analytik Jena AG.

Upendra Dixit brings extensive international senior management experience into Analytik Jena. He previously was Director and Management Consultant at Navigate International as well in in Phoenix, USA as in New Delhi, India. Prior to that, he held a number of different management positions at Miyachi Unitek Corporation-Lasers & Systems Division, at Avnet Technology Solutions, at Agilent Technologies and at Blue Star Ltd., that brought him to Los Angeles, USA, Boeblingen, Germany, Hongkong to Bangalore, India.

"All of the economic indicators in India point towards growth at present. The pharmaceuticals and biotech sectors in particular have recorded high growth rates for a number of years. The topic of analytics is becoming more and more prominent in both food production/processing as well as environmental/water analytics. The development of cost effective, clean fuel supply is critical to the country's growth plans and creates strong demand for analytics in the oil/gas/petrochemical industries. And thanks in particular to extensive assistance from the government, there is strong support activity for the development of skills in these areas in the education and research segments. In addition, industries such as chemicals, metallurgy, steel, and textiles have already been well positioned in India for a long time. And Analytik Jena has traditionally had a solid footing in these very sectors," said Upendra Dixit, Managing Director of the subsidiary AJ Instruments India Pvt. Ltd.

Source: Analytik Jena GmbH