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Customized solutions for cannabis testing - Analytical solutions meeting latest regulations

Dr. Gesa Shad , Shimadzu Europa GmbH


As of July 2018, over 20 European countries have legalized cannabis for medical use, and more are expected to follow in the coming years. Possession of cannabis is still illegal by federal statute; however there is an ongoing debate concerning legalization of medical and recreational cannabis. The demand for cannabis testing and analytical tools is therefore growing.

Numerous health benefits have been reported for cannabis, including general pain reduction, antinausea and reduction of seizures and autism. QC testing for cannabinoids is essential for the accurate labeling of cannabis products in both medical and recreational cannabis markets. Cannabinoids are the primary active components of cannabis; these are target compounds for potency testing. Terpenes influence the homeopathic effect, and contaminants such as pesticide residues and mycotoxine in cannabis products also need to be controlled to ensure consumer safety.

This paper offers a wide range of analytical equipment and provides customized solutions, appropriate configurations and application support for cannabis analysis, including sample preparation.

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