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Conference Report: International Workshop Dispersions Analysis and Materials Testing 2018

Dr. Hildegard Lyko, LUM GmbH


This year, the Workshop clearly focussed on particle characterization and stability analysis. With 16 lectures announced, of which two had to be cancelled, participants had good opportunities to discuss the interesting results from testing materials by means of analytical centrifugation and gravity sedimentation. A large variety of application fields was covered by the oral presentations, ranging from inorganic particles, bacteria cultures, dairy products, and fruit drinks to technical suspensions containing ceramic or organic particles as well as to emulsions for diverse industrial applications. Besides particle characterization and stability testing, the analytical instruments by LUM play a decisive role in the determination of filterability or in the optimization of production processes.

The main objective of the conference is to let customers from science and industry present and discuss their specific applications. Only in the beginning of the workshop, Prof. Lerche, managing director of LUM, took the opportunity to present recent developments within the company and their activities. In 2017 a new subsidiary, LUM Japan Co., Ltd., was incorporated in Tokyo.

The STEP-Technology®, which is implemented in the instruments LUMiFuge, LUMiSizer, LUMiReader as well as LUMiReader X-Ray, has proven to be well suited to characterize nanoparticles. This could be seen from the results of the EU project NanoDefine, which were described in detail in the presentation given by one of the nominees for the Young Scientist Award. During this project nanoparticle data obtained by the LUMiSizer were compared with good results to the data from other measuring devices including a scanning electron microscope. SEM was regarded as reference method.

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