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Description of all seach options on our homepage

The search results are always sorted by categories (e.g. products, events) and by publication date within the categories.

By default all occurrences of the term within a word are searched, i.e. the input chromatograph will find all pages, in which the search term appears as word fragment (e.g. chromatography). Capital letters are ignored generally. If only the word chromatograph should be searched, it must be enclosed in quotation marks, i.e. "chromatograph".

In addition, the asterisk (*) can be used as a wildcard at the beginning, the end and within a word. For example, searching for analy*er will list all pages with the two spellings analyser or analyzer.

Multiple search terms are combined by the "and" operator by default. The input Good Laboratory Practice searches for all pages that contain the tree words, and thus corresponds to a search for Good AND Laboratory AND Practice. If the combined term Good Laboratory Practice should be searched quotation marks must be used, i.e. "Good Laboratory Practice".

Besides the already mentioned AND operator to link two keywords, you can also use the operators OR and NOT. They must be written in capital letters.

In principle, any number of search terms and operators can be used, with AND and NOT are precedenced over OR. A logical bracketing is not possible.