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  • Nanomaterials from a 3D X-ray perspective
    A new X-ray technique can be used to produce high resolution images of nanocrystals in real time as they are growing, something that has not been done before. To this end, a team from DESY and the ...
  • New microscopy technique for quantum simulation
    Researchers from the Institute of Laser Physics at Universität Hamburg have developed a new technique for quantum gas microscopy that now allows imaging of three-dimensional quantum systems. In the...

  • Flexible circuits for 3D printing
    A research cooperation between the University of Hamburg and DESY has developed a process suitable for 3D printing that can be used to produce transparent and mechanically flexible electronic circu...

  • The first atomic X-ray laser
    In future, scientists should be able to observe more closely how plants generate sugar from the energy in sunlight or how electricity is generated from solar cells. Researchers at the Center for Fr...