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  • Low radon concentrations accurately measurable for the first time
    You can't see it, you can't smell it, you can't taste it - but at high doses, it can be lethal: the natural radioactive noble gas radon occurs especially in places where the subsoil consists of gra...
  • Really clean cleanrooms
    Extreme purity is a basic prerequisite in the production of semiconductors. The production of minuscule semiconductor components requires a cleanroom to minimize contamination from airborne particl...
  • New production method for Graphene
    Graphene, a crystal composed of only one layer of carbon atoms arranged in a regular hexagon, is regarded as a material which is believed to be capable of performing miracles, in particular in the ...
  • Improving light and heat spectra measurements
    Whether you want to investigate objects in space, characterize the quality of light sources, optimize photovoltaics modules or analyze chemical compounds, measuring the spectrum of light- or heat s...