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  • Flexible circuits for 3D printing
    A research cooperation between the University of Hamburg and DESY has developed a process suitable for 3D printing that can be used to produce transparent and mechanically flexible electronic circu...
  • Scientists film molecular rotation
    Scientists have used precisely tuned pulses of laser light to film the ultrafast rotation of a molecule. The resulting "molecular movie" tracks one and a half revolutions of carbonyl sulphide (OCS)...
  • High-speed hard X-ray microscopic movies at a free-electron laser
    A group of researchers has for the first time performed high-speed microscopy using an X-ray laser at the European XFEL in Schenefeld near Hamburg, Germany. The method allows for observations of pr...

  • On the path to an artificial cell
    It is hoped that cells created in a test tube can answer some of the major questions in biology. What is the minimum that a cell needs in order to live? And how did life on Earth begin? Researchers...
  • Biological warfare with insects?
    Owing to present-day armed conflicts, the general public is well aware of the terrifying effects of chemical weapons. Meanwhile, the effects of biological weapons have largely disappeared from publ...

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