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HORIBA acquires Photon Technology International


HORIBA announces the acquisition of the global assets of Photon Technology International, Inc. and its affiliate companies (Photon Technology International or PTI). HORIBA Instruments Inc. (based in the U.S.) and other HORIBA Scientific group companies have acquired PTI's worldwide business assets with the aim of increasing market share in fluorescence spectroscopy by taking advantage of PTI's well established network in the biomedical field and their leadership position in such techniques as intracellular ion imaging. These techniques are crucial in areas such as understanding cellular processes for regenerative medical therapies and developing next generation food and agricultural products, all applications with expectations for rapid growth.

About Photon Technology International, Inc.

PTI is a leading supplier of fluorescence spectroscopy research instrumentation, serving the university and research labs, industrial and biomedical markets. PTI is the world leader in microscopy based fluorometers, especially for ion imaging, in part due to a long-standing research and development collaboration with a prestigious laboratory in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the University of Western Ontario in Ontario, Canada.

Source: HORIBA Jobin Yvon GmbH