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Patent for Multidimensional Chromatography Apparatus and Method for 2-D Ion Chromatography


Thermo Fisher Scientific is pleased to announce a new patent for Two-Dimensional Ion Chromatography (2D-IC): US Patent 8,101,422 B2 Multidimensional Chromatography Apparatus and Method. This patent discusses an application for the analysis of trace ionic contaminants and is especially useful for the detection of drinking water contaminants in samples with high concentrations of interferences. The application is approved by the US EPA for monitoring of contaminants in drinking water, including routine compliance methods for trace bromate (EPA 302), perchlorate (EPA 314.2), and haloacetic acids (pending).

The simplicity of Reagent-Free™ Ion Chromatography (RFIC™) systems combined with 2D provides an advantage in trace analysis in high matrix samples. The method is fully automated, and only requires a source of deionized water to produce all eluents and regenerants. Advantages of the 2D matrix diversion approach include:

  • A large loop injection (larger sample mass) onto the first dimension is enabled by the high capacity 4 mm analytical column.
  • The concentrator column in the second dimension focuses analytes while matrix ions are diverted to waste.
  • The smaller cross-sectional area of the second-dimension analytical column increases detection sensitivity.
  • Two different column chemistries can be combined, increasing selectivity.

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific