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Analytik Jena Acquires a Stake in Japanese Company Techno X


Analytik Jena has acquired a 21.05% stake in the Japanese company Techno X Co., Ltd. The contract was signed on November 30, 2012.

Based in Osaka, Japan, Techno X was established in 2009. Analytik Jena Japan, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Jena-based Group, has been selling X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy instruments made by Techno X since October 2011 as part of a sales partnership. X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF) is a method of determining the concentrations of elements in liquid and solid samples where, unlike with many other methods, the sample does not have to be destroyed for or during the analysis

The XRF devices are assigned to the Group's strongest unit, Analytical Instrumentation. At present, the products are only sold in Japan. After the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Techno X acted extremely quickly to develop an automated device to measure radioactive cesium. This device is exclusively sold by Analytik Jena Japan. In the medium term, there are plans to modify the Techno X product range for marketing in other regions as well. Managing Director and shareholder Dr. Taniguchi is an internationally recognized expert in the field of X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy. "I am a scientist, and I want to use my experience and knowledge to help the company continue to grow together with Analytik Jena," said Dr. Taniguchi, emeritus professor at a university in Osaka, at the signing of the contract. The company currently has 20 employees, most of whom work in research and development. During the contract negotiations, the two parties agreed to extend future collaboration and integrate the company more closely into the Analytik Jena Group in the medium term.

"We are also pleased that the sales partnership in which we are linking our partner's technological expertise in X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy with Analytik Jena's sales expertise is going so well. Techno X's X-ray fluorescence spectrometers are a sound addition to our product range in the Analytical Instrumentation unit," said Klaus Berka, CEO of Analytik Jena AG. "This stake is another major step towards expanding our range of analytical instrumentation products."

Source: Analytik Jena GmbH