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TA Instruments Acquires Anter Corporation


TA Instruments announces the acquisition of Anter Corporation and Anter Laboratories (Pittsburgh, PA), a privately held manufacturer of high performance systems that measure thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and heat capacity of a wide range of materials.

Commenting on the acquisition, Terry Kelly, President of TA Instruments said, "This acquisition adds powerful technologies which complement TA Instruments' market leading thermal analysis product line. The combination of TA and Anter technologies and the integration into TA's worldwide sales and technical support organizations will greatly benefit scientists who need to characterize the thermophysical properties of high temperature materials."

Key products developed by Anter include Laser and Xenon flash systems designed to measure thermal diffusivity and heat capacity of materials up to 2800°C, Dilatometer systems to measure thermal expansion and Guarded Heat Flow meters that measure thermal conductivity of materials in accordance with ASTM standards. Anter systems provide critical information to scientists that develop and characterize ceramics, metals, and glasses for use in a wide range of industries including electronics, energy, and aerospace.

Source: TA Instruments