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Analytik Jena Receives China's Most Prestigious Award of the Analytics Industry


The new real-time PCR device qTower from Analytik Jena AG was honored as "One of the best new devices in 2010" at this year's Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments (ACCSI) - China's largest and most important analytics conference of the national association of the measurement technology industry. More than 500 participants attended the conference on April 26, 2011 in Beijing.

"This award is an important signal for us in the current phase of the market introduction of our real-time PCR device," said Alexander Berka, Director of the Life Science division of Analytik Jena AG. "From a total of 60 products of our competitors, only three products received the prestigious award. That makes us very proud and once again underscores the technological leadership of Analytik Jena."

Real-time PCR, which relies on a fluorescent signal quantification technique, has been used for amplifying and detecting DNA and RNA in the field of molecular diagnostics for 10 years and is now an established procedure.

The qTOWER for real-time routine diagnostics, first introduced to the market at the end of 2010, is based on a new type of fiber-optic system patented by Analytik Jena. The system combines the exceptionally fast rapidPCR with ramping rates of up to 12°C per second and considerably lower sample consumption down to 5 µl per reaction. This makes the device up to ten times faster than other systems.

Source: Analytik Jena GmbH