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30 years of AJ Blomesystem - Analytik Jena Software Division Celebrates a Milestone Anniversary


The company that specializes in the development of laboratory information and management systems (LIMS) was founded in 1981. Since 2001 it has been part of Analytik Jena, the Thuringia-based manufacturer of analytical instrumentation technology.

"We are celebrating a milestone anniversary this year and are proud that we as a company have now earned an accepted place with our customers and in the business of Analytik Jena," said Lothar Korn, Managing Director of AJ Blomesystem.

AJ Blomesystem develops software systems and tools that are used as management tools for contract and service laboratories, QA and production control and in the R&D sector. The customers include big name companies such as Radeberger, Bayer, Coca Cola and WESSLING Holding, as well as numerous medium-sized companies and state/federal inspection bodies.

Blomesystem was established 30 years ago by the physicist Karl Ernst Blome with the vision of developing software for laboratory management processes on the basis of internally developed tools. 20 years later Blome acquired a strong partner in the area of analytical instrumentation technology in the form of Analytik Jena, which at that stage acquired 75.8% of the equity, thus opening up excellent growth perspectives for Blomesystem in the following years. In 2006. Analytik Jena raised its stake to 100% and completely integrated the subsidiary in the group.

"AJ Blomesystem has now become an integral, indeed irreplaceable part of the group structures and product portfolio of Analytik Jena. We are delighted to be able to celebrate a genuine success story," said Klaus Berka, CEO of Analytik Jena AG. "With 30 years of experience and more than 17,000 licensed LIMS-users in the German-speaking world alone, AJ Blomesystem is one of the most successful companies in this market segment. This is something we can be proud of."

Also in the coming years, Berka and Korn see a lot of growth potential in the LIMS business. It was only in December 2010 that AJ Blomesystem acquired a majority stake in the Hamburg-based software house comicon, thus extending its portfolio and its customer and geographical bases.

"We want to continue to extend our large network of LIMS users also internationally. In the area of environmental monitoring system we have now become the leading provider in Germany. We must continue to build on this," said Korn.

In recent financial years AJ Blomesystem GmbH, which currently employs 40 persons at its Jena, Wiehl and Hamburg sites, has generated sales of EUR 3.5 m.

Source: Blomesystem GmbH