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PANATecs introduces a new test procedure for the detection of protease contaminants


PANATecs is the outsourcing partner for the pharmaceutical, diagnostic testing and biotechnology industries for mass spectrometry-based protein analysis and has now developed a new test procedure for the detection of proteolytic enzymes in pharmaceutical and diagnostic raw materials.

Protein-based raw materials are the basic substances for diagnostic testing and are frequently contaminated with enzymes which break down protein. Proteases may have unfavorable effects on the stability of test kit batches and falsify measurement results.

Proteases are also problematical in biopharmaceutical production. They can destroy the product, or even put the patient at risk, if they enter circulating blood after injection of the drug.

Routine protease tests are an essential component of protein diagnostic testing and biopharmaceutical production. Reliable protease detection is the only way to detect the protease inhibitors which are relevant for each application.

The protease test procedure is based on FRET technology (Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer). The test procedure guarantees maximal sensitivity down to the nanogram range and can be enormously expanded with a peptide library, covering up to 2.47 million sequence variants.

Quelle: PANATecs GmbH