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Mass Spectrometric Quantification of Proteinaceous Active Substances from Plants


PANATecs, the specialist for mass spectrometric-based protein analysis, has developed a quantitative analysis of a proteinaceous active substance for herbal medicines, for biosyn, a pharmaceutical company based in Fellbach near Stuttgart.

Proteins are normally quantified with immunoassays. However, an alternative method had to be selected for the quantification of mistletoe lectin I, because of misleading cross-reactions with other lectins. Moreover, this new method would have to be in accordance with the requirements for drug registration. This was why the Stuttgart firm biosyn decided to develop a mass spectrometric quantification method in collaboration with PANATecs. This method turned out to be extremely sensitive, even with concentrations in the lower nanogram range. Validation showed that the intraday precision was very high.

This mass spectrometric method can be used, for example, for the precise determination of protein concentrations during biotechnological production, even when classical methods, such as immunoassays, are inapplicable.

Quelle: PANATecs GmbH