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Romer Labs® acquires Malaysian biotechnology company RENOGENIC


Romer Labs®, in its continuous effort to offer a complete product range to come true to its vision - Making the World's Food Safer®, took with the acquisition of Renogenic another step to become world leader in food safety testing, but also in other food safety areas. With the existing products and the number of tests still in development, Romer Labs® will be able to offer an interesting and competitive range of test kits for determination of drug residues in foodstuffs. The Tests developed in Malaysia will be complimented by Biopure® standards and calibrants, already available in Romer Labs® product range.

The new member of the Romer Labs® family, Romer Labs Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., will be the competence center for research and development of existing and future drug residue kits and will work closely with Romer Labs Singapore Pte Ltd.

After the cooperation with in worldwide exclusive distribution of their GMO test systems and with step to gain an equally prominent position in drug residue testing as Romer Labs® has in other food safety areas.

Mike Gan, former Renogenic CEO, now with Romer Labs® Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., said, "We have been collaborating well with Romer Labs for a while now and we realize that both companies share the same vision and values. This was just a natural progression. The team at Romer Labs Malaysia is extremely excited to be a part of Romer Labs Division and we are certain growth of the group will be accelerated from Romer Labs Malaysia's R&D expertise and products."

According to Dr. Michael Zheng, Regional Director Asia at Romer Labs Singapore Pte Ltd, "The acquisition of Renogenic helps Romer Labs to quickly establish a competence centre for drug residue test kit. The research and development work in the new competence centre will allow Romer Labs to further expand the product portfolio for drug residue testing to serve customers better. Romer Labs is heading to its vision as number one provider of diagnostic solutions at all stages of the supply chain of the agricultural, food and feed industry."

Hannes Binder, CEO of Romer Labs Division Holding GmbH. in Austria, said, "Once more this year, Romer Labs® took a step to expand our product range and service to our customers world wide, becoming an even more attractive provider of diagnostic solutions in the agriculture, food and feed industries."

Source: Romer Labs®