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Agilent and Dow Chemical Celebrate 20 Years of Collaboration


Agilent Technologies announced 20 years of technical collaboration with The Dow Chemical Company. The companies celebrated the milestone during a global, interactive event at the Dow corporate headquarters in Midland, Mich.

The collaboration originated in the mid-1980s when Dow Analytical Sciences worked closely with Agilent to strengthen the impact of gas chromatography in the measurement and analytical industry. Through this mutually beneficial relationship, Dow has made innovative contributions to the application of scientific measurements, helping Agilent advance the development of commercial chromatographic instrumentation and software. From Agilent, Dow has gained access to commercial chromatographic products that continue to increase productivity for their global businesses.

"There is a unique relationship between our two companies," said Mike McMullen, president, Chemical Analysis Group, at Agilent. "Amazing contributions have resulted from 20 years of working together, from advancing the capabilities to deliver on great research, to bringing world-leading products and analytical capabilities to the instrumentation market."

"We try to find a win-win between the two companies," said Frank Rammeloo, director of the Analytical Technology Center, The Dow Chemical Company. "No one tries to take advantage, we just work together to extract the value but not at the expense of the other. Integrity and devotion to a common goal is our hallmark."

Dow and Agilent work together globally, doing business in Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Australia, Thailand, France, Madrid, Japan, Singapore, Italy, and more. The focus of the collaboration has expanded beyond the original platform of separation sciences to other analytical techniques such as atomic force microscopy.

Source: Agilent Technologies