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Thermo Fisher Scientific wins Frost & Sullivan award


Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announced it has been honored with the 2007 Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership Award for its outstanding contribution to the US High Content Screening (HCS) market. The award recognizes the distinctive expertise of Thermo Fisher Scientific, its great insight into individual customer requirements and its technological innovation and advanced solutions for cell-based screening and analysis. Frost & Sullivan has identified Thermo Fisher Scientific, with its range of Cellomics® HCS products, as excellent in all areas of market leadership, demonstrating the ability to monitor market changes and implement superior market strategies to meet rapidly changing industry demands.

Thermo Fisher Scientific provides the life science, pharmaceutical and biotechnology market with application-based solutions that incorporate the latest advancements in technology, instrumentation, reagents and consumables. With innovative technologies for cell-based research, such as the Thermo Scientific Cellomics ArrayScan® VTI HCS reader; exemplary reagents, including the Thermo Scientific Cellomics range of HCS Reagent Kits; powerful biologically validated image analysis software; and informatics and data management tools, such as Cellomics Store and HCSExplorer™, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a highly sophisticated and flexible platform for HCS.

The unique intelligent acQuisitionTM (iQ) approach provided by the Cellomics HCS Platform integrates adaptive, intelligent image acquisition with sophisticated real-time image analysis to deliver an iterative data-driven approach to assay development, optimization and validation that allows customers to reach high levels of productivity in their life science research. With such an extensive offering, Thermo Fisher Scientific has experienced unequivocal market acceptance throughout the public and private sector.

Commenting on the award, Monette Greenway, president, Integrative Technologies Division, Thermo Fisher Scientific, said "This accolade reflects our ability to react to a rapidly changing market. As HCS has increased in usage and discovery scientists have been demanding more advanced HCS platforms, our strategy has been to develop products that will enable us to provide our customers with a fully integrated, high-value HCS solution. In addition to our Cellomics range of advanced imaging technologies and software, we have a fully integrated offering which includes high-quality fluorescent reagents, engineered cells, data management, automation, informatics and bioinformatics tools."

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific