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Waters is a Worldwide Distributor of YMC HPLC Columns


Waters has established worldwide distribution of the YMC™ HPLC analytical and preparative column lines, a highly respected series of products that Waters has distributed since 1997. There are 27 different YMC bonded chemistries combined with five different pore sizes to satisfy your chromatographic needs. The YMC HPLC Columns Application Notebook has over 400 applications which can be found in the Waters Application Library.

YMC continues to expand the YMC Pack™ Pro™ Series of columns with theYMC-UltraHT™ Pro C18™ and YMC-UltraHT™ Hydrosphere™ C18 2 µm columns for ultra-fast LC. These columns provide the same selectivity and excellent peak shape as 3 µm and 5 µm YMC-Pack Pro C18 and Hydrosphere C18 respectively, while reducing analysis time.

YMC has built a reputation on the supply of consistent, high quality HPLC packings and columns. By setting tight standards, testing raw materials and silica gels, this assures excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility. Each YMC column meets YMCs high standard of quality. YMC column performance reports are supplied with every packed column fully documenting the gel lot and the test results.

Source: Waters Corp.