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Waters to Build New Mass Spectrometry Headquarters near Manchester, U.K.


Waters Corporation announced it signed a land-purchase agreement with The Royal Bank of Scotland for a new Mass Spectrometry (MS) Headquarters in Wilmslow, Cheshire, near Manchester, U.K.

Situated on the 37-acre Stamford Lodge site on the A538 Wilmslow/Altrincham road, three miles south of Manchester Airport the new facility is intended to unite Waters' existing mass spectrometry operations located on four separate sites in South Manchester and Altrincham. Plans for the new facility include state-of-the-art customer demonstration laboratories, research and development capabilities, and an expanded manufacturing capacity.

Mass spectrometry is used to identify and quantify chemical components in complex mixtures. It is a very sensitive analytical technique, enabling scientists to confidently measure components or contaminants present at levels well below a millionth of a gram. It is routinely used to safe-guard our food and water supply, protect the environment, provide medical diagnosis and to develop health-care solutions.

Waters' mass spectrometry technologies have advanced significantly over the past few years, especially with the introduction of a new range of more advanced instruments, such as the SYNAPT® and Xevo® ranges of mass spectrometers.

Brian Smith, Vice President of MS Business Operations at Waters Corporation said: "We are committed to working closely with our customers to advance mass spectrometry capabilities to address scientists' and societies' most pressing challenges. The new Waters MS Headquarters will be designed to accelerate the rate of innovation with increased access for the world's scientific thought-leaders."

"In addition to our commitment to our customers, Waters is honored to be able to continue Manchester's long legacy of mass spectrometry innovation. Starting with John Dalton's Atomic Theory in the early 1800's, Manchester continues to be a global centre for mass spectrometry technology," continued Brian Smith.

Plans for the new facility, within Cheshire East, also include employing BREEAM standards (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methods), which have become the accepted measure used to describe a building's environmental performance, and encouraging best practices in sustainable design.

Source: Waters Corp.