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Sigma-Aldrich Adds More Than 56,000 Structures to PubChem to Aid Research


Sigma-Aldrich announced today that more than 56,000 of its structures, representing specialty chemicals from its catalog, have been added to the National Institutes of Health's (NIH) PubChem, a publicly accessible database of chemical structures and biological assay data. In conjunction with this, PubChem IDs have been incorporated into product listings on the Sigma-Aldrich Web site, providing customers a link between a molecule on the Sigma-Aldrich Web site and the corresponding PubChem data.

"With the latest addition of structures to PubChem, Sigma-Aldrich is reinforcing its commitment to addressing the needs of researchers working to understand and chemically modulate the activities of gene products associated with disease," said Christina Shasserre, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Sigma-Aldrich's Research Biotechnology division. "By expanding our PubChem submissions to include a large, diverse selection of biologically relevant compounds, we aim to provide researchers better access to molecules that may aid follow-up research."

Dr. Stephen Bryant, Project Director, PubChem, added: "Speaking for the PubChem team, I'm very happy to welcome Sigma-Aldrich's second contribution of structures to PubChem. Links to suppliers of specialty chemicals are of great value to PubChem users, who often ask how they can obtain samples of compounds tested in the screens reported in PubChem. These new links will be much appreciated."

These structures are derived from thousands of bioactive small molecules and biologically relevant scaffolds for use in small molecule screening and medicinal chemistry. This addition represents the second contribution by Sigma-Aldrich to PubChem. Structures representing the widely used Library of Pharmacologically Active Compounds (LOPAC(TM)), a collection of approved drugs and bioactive small molecules, were added in April 2007.

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Source: Sigma Aldrich Corp.