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Waters Establishes Worldwide Distribution Network for YMC HPLC Columns


Waters Corporation announced today the worldwide distribution of the YMC™ HPLC analytical and preparative column lines, a highly respected series of products that Waters has distributed since 1997.

In expanding the distribution of YMC columns globally, Waters maintains exclusive distribution rights to the YMC column product line in the Americas - North, Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands.

YMC HPLC analytical and preparative columns are available in 27 different chemistries with a wide range of particles and pore sizes, providing comprehensive solutions for the most challenging separations and that are complementary to Waters® branded products.

To support this distribution, and to continue its commitment to customers, Waters is offering scientists a YMC HPLC Columns Applications Notebook, available electronically on the Waters website or in printed form. This notebook is an extensive application database with more than 400 applications to help chromatographers research columns and develop analytical methods.

Source: Waters Corp.