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Waters and Rosetta Biosoftware Collaborate to Advance the Analysis of Complex Biological Mixtures


Waters Corporation and Rosetta Biosoftware announced a collaboration to develop interfaces that promote compatibility between their software platforms and Waters mass spectrometry-based systems. Specifically, the companies will work together to ensure that Rosetta Biosoftware's solution for protein expression data management and analysis, the Rosetta Elucidator® system, will process and analyze mass spectrometry data generated from the Waters® Q-Tof Premier™ and Synapt™ High Definition Mass Spectrometry™ (HDMS) Systems.

The collaboration will focus on developing software interfaces between the Elucidator system and Waters instrument systems that will give scientists the capability to perform comprehensive qualitative and quantitative profiling of complex biological mixtures.

"We are pleased to enable compatibility between the Elucidator system, and our innovative UPLC/MS E data acquisition methods and instruments," said Tim Riley, Vice President and Managing Director - Pharmaceutical Business Operations, Waters Division. "This collaboration will enable more of our customers to take advantage of our advanced mass spec technologies to comprehensively analyze the results of their most demanding experiments."

"Collaboration with Waters will allow us to rapidly adapt to advances in Waters instrument technology, ensuring that our customers have continued access to a robust end-to-end solution," said Yelena Shevelenko, Vice President and General Manager of Rosetta Biosoftware. "The streamlined integration will improve research productivity and provide solutions for a broader scientific audience."

Source: Waters Corp.