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Tecan and Atoll combine their platforms to create automated parallel chromatography systems for high throughput bioprocess development


Tecan and Atoll have successfully integrated Atoll's MediaScout® 96-array RoboColumn system with the Tecan Freedom EVO® liquid handling workstation to allow fully automated bioprocess parameter screening and high throughput screening of chromatographic resins. This simplifies handling of a large number of samples and testing of chromatographic conditions during development of purification methods.

MediaScout RoboColumns deliver the separation performance of regular ready-to-use LC columns with very high reproducibility. These columns are offered with almost every adsorptive resin available and for multiple sample desalting applications with small pore GPC-materials (eg. preconditioning for mass spectrometry).

The freely configurable Freedom EVO workstation provides precise and reliable liquid handling and accommodates a wide range of devices, including a Te-Stack™ plate stacker module and a robotic manipulator (RoMa) arm to transfer 96-well plates into a plate reader.

Integrating the two technologies entirely removes all manual steps for buffer preparation, sample injection and elution, including detection, allowing 96-array plates to be completely processed in just minutes, depending on the protocol used. The integration offers a powerful new tool for high throughput sample conditioning and process development users.

Source: Tecan