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Waters and Spark Holland Announce Agreement to Co-Market Integrated Solutions


Waters Corporation and Spark Holland announced today that they have entered into a co-marketing agreement to promote an integrated solution for high volume clinical laboratories. These integrated systems are comprised of Waters® mass spectrometers and Spark Holland's Symbiosis™ On-line SPE System under the control of Waters MassLynx™ Mass Spectrometry data acquisition, processing, and reporting software.

With this integrated solution high-volume labs can now automate sample processing, analysis and data reduction. This will enable high volume clinical and forensic laboratories worldwide to analyze samples faster, increase throughput and lower costs.

"We are pleased to enter into this co-marketing agreement with Spark Holland. We believe that the combination of on-line SPE using Waters Oasis® sorbents together with our mass spectrometers is truly enabling for customers in high-throughput environments for automating and integrating sample preparation, separation and detection," said Michael Yelle, Senior Director of Clinical Operations at Waters Corporation.

"We believe that the power of the Waters mass spectrometers combined with the Symbiosis front-end automation - all controlled from a single software package - is a big step towards a fully integrated analyzer for the clinical market. Better workflow with less manual handling should improve throughput and quality of the analysis. We are excited about our co-marketing arrangement with Waters and believe it can deliver great benefits for our joint customers," said Rob Castien, President of Spark Holland.

Source: Waters Corp.