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FT-IR spectroscopy anytime, anywhere: ALPHA II

Plug-in and get started. That's how you can summarize the ALPHA II FTIR spectrometer. Highest build-quality, ease-of-use and performance in a compact package that works completely without additional peripherals thanks to the optional and fully integrated Touch PC.

FTIR has never been so easy: Three taps on the screen and measurement, analysis and reporting are already done. That's what we call a "smart" instrument.

Continuation of a success story

ALPHA IIThe ALPHA II is the logical evolution of its highly successful predecessor. With advanced source and detector stabilization, increased measurement sensitivity, and the ability to expand spectral range and spectral resolution, the ALPHA II remains unparalleled among the compact FT-IR spectrometers.

Automated device qualification tests (OQ / PQ / Ph. Eur.) And cGMP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant OPUS software make the ALPHA II ideal for use in a regulated environment.

High-quality and low operating costs

AnwenderThe ALPHA II is a quality product designed for many years of use and lowest operating costs. It guarantees minimal maintenance requirements and permanent readiness for use thanks to high-quality components.

  • Robust and durable metal housing
  • High-performance diode laser with guaranteed lifetime of 10 years
  • Shock resistant, wear-free RockSolid™ interferometer with 10-year warranty
  • CenterGlow™ infrared source with optimal intensity throughout its guaranteed 5-year life-time
  • Platinum diamond ATR measurement module with a guaranteed minimum life of 10 years

Powerful routine analysis

ModelleThe ALPHA II offers all the prerequisites for an efficient routine analysis. It is particularly suitable for quality control tasks such as incoming goods inspection and the examination of intermediate and end products.

Quantitative analyzes? No problem. But identifying unknown samples in troubleshooting and competition analysis is also effortless, quick and easy with the ALPHA II.

Our design follows your application

The QuickSnap™ measurement modules for the ALPHA II offers absolute flexibility. Replaced within seconds, they allow to analyze solids, pastes, liquids or gases with a perfectly matched system no matter the application.

In order to meet all requirements in the best possible way, a large number of accessory modules are available for measurements in Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR), specular and diffuse reflection and transmission.

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