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Hirschmann-Catalogue 2020 - Competence and quality since more than 50 years

The Hirschmann catalogue 2020 offers you as usual a broad range of products for the lab at the highest quality stage: Liquid Handling, Volumetric glassware, Pumps, Precision capillaries etc..

Products from Hirschmann have been used in laboratories for more than 50 years in over 100 countries around the world. Our laboratory instruments, volumetric analysis glass instruments, pumps and precision capillaries are more than just sophisticated high-quality tools for laboratory specialists. They can be individually adapted to suit user requirements and are therefore advanced problem solutions for our customers for daily work in medical laboratories, research and applications in industry.

Award-winning styling and function

Hirschmann-Catalogue 2020Hirschmann took its first step into the world of continuous dispensing pumps in 2012 with its rotarus® pump series. An universal product family is available with a selection of different motors, pump heads, varying house protection classes and intelligent control of delivery volumes, covering a broad spectrum of application areas in the lab or industry.

In addition to winning the approval of customers, the rotarus® has also attracted the praise of jurors from several major design awards. These include the Deutscher Designer Club Award, Good Design Award, IF Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award, the Universal Design Award and the German Design Award 2014.

Discover award-winning quality products in the new Hirschmann Catalogue 2020.

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