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Better data exchange in radiological emergency protection


The radioactivity in the environment is systematically recorded by the Federal Government and the Federal States in over 50 laboratories as well as using automated measuring systems. In the event of an accident, areas affected can be identified quickly, and measures can be taken to protect the population.

With the third generation of the Integrated Measuring and Information System (IMIS 3), the BfS provides a new technical basis enabling the authorities involved to exchange data in a simpler and digitally more sustainable manner. After extensive test runs, the system has now replaced its predecessor.

Around 100 institutions can obtain information simultaneously

If radioactive substances are released into the environment in the event of an accident - for example in a nuclear power plant - the Integrated Measuring and Information System (IMIS) is the central instrument used by the authorities to assess the situation and exchange information. The individual components of the system enable the BfS to simultaneously provide information and prognoses on the dispersion of the radioactive substances to about 100 institutions at both the federal and state level.

The new IMIS 3 is a modular system and is based entirely on open source. The individual components can be easily exchanged. This allows IMIS 3 to be adapted to new requirements and tasks at any time. New modules that fulfil additional functions can be readily added via standardised interfaces.

Huge leap towards more digital sustainability

"With IMIS 3, we provide long-term assurance that in the event of a radiological emergency, all those involved can act quickly and on a uniform information basis. At the same time, we free ourselves from individual software companies and product licenses. In this way, we save costs, gain flexibility, and take a huge leap towards more digital sustainability", says BfS President Inge Paulini, President of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection.

"In addition to the BfS, the users benefit from the new technical flexibility: It will now be easier to meet the requirements of the authorities using IMIS. All software codes developed at the BfS are also published and can be used by the authorities as well as other interested parties for their own applications".

Data from all environmental media coalesce in the Integrated Measuring and Information System. Measuring networks monitor radioactivity on the ground, in the atmosphere, and in federal waterways as well as in the North and Baltic Seas. In addition, more than 10,000 individual measurements per year are carried out routinely throughout Germany in samples from water, soil, food, feed, and other environmental areas and fed into IMIS. The data are accessible to the public via the BfS-Geoportal.

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Source: Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (BfS)