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Succsessful European Chemistry Partnering Summer Summit


The first ECP Summer Summit ended with an international get-together at the headquarters of the consumer and industrial goods company Henkel. 250 participants from 16 nations came together to exchange ideas on innovation across many disciplines: Over 600 partnering discussions took place within six hours. 53 companies presented their innovations in 6-minute short presentations (Pitches) and 18 exhibitors took the opportunity to present their products and services along the value chain in chemical production.

"The ECP is a great marketplace" said Michael Brandkamp, Managing Director of High-Tech Gründerfonds, in his opening speech at the first ECP Summer Summit, and added: "We have an unimaginable density of Start-ups in Europe. Here at the ECP, their innovative strength becomes permanently transparent for the first time. And all of us, young growth companies, investors as well as industrial enterprises, need dialog in such an international competitive environment more urgently than ever".

The highlight of every ECP, before the start of the partnering discussions, is a Key Note speech from an experienced entrepreneur. This time Dr. Wolfram Stichert reported on his experiences. He is co-founder of hte GmbH, which specializes in high throughput experimentation in catalysis, and is a co-prize winner of the German Science Prize of the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft. "Small and medium-size enterprises bring together several strengths: They are specialized in a particular niche and therefore have enormous knowledge, they think unconventionally and are not afraid to leave the beaten track, furthermore, they are flexible in their organization and ready to give everything for their customers" is how Wolfram Stichert summarized his presentation, and added: "We had previously heard a lot about ECP at hte. It was therefore a very special honor and task for me to be able to give the Key Note speech today, and that in front of this internationally experienced audience".

The core of every European Chemistry Partnering is fast and focused exchanges between creative minds and innovative decision-makers in the chemical industry and its many user industries. The first focus is on the innovators' "Pitches", which are short 6-minute presentations, and the second is the 20-minute "Partnering discussions" that can be arranged in advance. The aim: to get to know each other across borders and disciplines and thus to provide an innovative impetus for future joint projects. As a speed dating Event, the ECP differentiates itself from the format of trade fairs and congresses.

One participant described it like this: "From the beginning, we have been a strong supporter of the ECP" says a pleased Guy Hélin, CEO and co-founder of Syngulon, a synthetic biology startup from Belgium. "Our technology innovations reach into many industries: Here at the ECP we find access to a lot of different market players, and not only to the well-known, large companies, but also to the hidden champions of the Mittelstand."

The European Chemistry Partnering and the ECP Summer Summit are aimed at decision-makers from industry and investors. The companies come from very different disciplines in chemistry including: bio-economics, engineering, digitization, data processing, nanotechnology, new materials and analytical methods. The common denominator is that they are all involved in the value chain of chemical production, from raw materials to the product, also including all services, from logistics to maintenance to sales and marketing.

97 percent of all products contain at least one chemical process step: renewable raw materials, enzymes, industrial biotechnology, new processes, products from residual materials, digitization, etc. are changing the processes in chemical value creation: starting with purchasing logistics on to production and finally marketing and sales. Interdisciplinary exchange is gaining in importance. With the ECP, an international chemistry community is growing that wants to derive more innovation from what already exists.

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Source: BCNP Consultants GmbH