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How to define read-across and 42 other terms in nanomaterials safety?


Nanoform, Read-across, Weight of Evidence...what do they mean in the nanomaterials safety context? How many definitions of those terms are available?

Consistent use of terminology is important in any field of science and technology to ensure common understanding of concepts and tools among different stakeholders, such as science experts, regulatory authorities, industry and consumers.

The JRC report NANoREG harmonised terminology for environmental health and safety assessment of nanomaterials seeks to support a common understanding and consistency in the use of key terms in the field of environmental health and safety (EHS) assessment of nanomaterials. It simultaneously contributes to the on-going global debate on the meaning of some of those words in this field.

Developed and adopted within the EU FP7 flagship project NANoREG - 'A common European approach to the regulatory testing of nanomaterials', the terminology comprises 43 advised definitions of terms with international regulatory relevance, such as those defined at OECD level or that have a specific meaning in the REACH regulatory setting.

The terminology has already proven very useful in the context of the OECD work and has been considered in the development of the scientific document Usage of (eco)toxicological data for bridging data gaps between and grouping of nanoforms of the same substance. Elements to consider, jointly prepared by RIVM, ECHA and JRC.

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Source: European Commission, Joint Research Centre