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Sartorius Postpones Sale of Industrial Weighing Division


Sartorius postponed the planned divestiture of its Industrial Weighing Division for the time being. While this division has attracted the wide interest of a number of investors, their investment decisions are being impacted by the current uncertain economic environment.

"Interest in this business is significant, but obtaining a selling price that reflects the value of the division is not possible at present," explained CEO Joachim Kreuzburg. "However, this will not alter our long-term plans for our industrial weighing business."

At the beginning of 2012, Sartorius decided to concentrate on its core laboratory and bioprocess businesses and to divest the smallest of its three divisions over the medium term. The Industrial Weighing Division reported sales revenue of 102.7 million euros and an underlying EBITDA margin of 11.6% for fiscal 2012.

Source: Sartorius AG